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25 Oct 2017
The M4EG was called into life by the EC to support the East European partners of the initiative in their economic growth. The focus of the M4EG now lies with mostly with local economic development for these areas. 
24 Oct 2017
Currently, investments in renewables far exceed investments in conventional generation in the Netherlands and other European countries. The growth in investments in renewable energy is a result of subsidies. In the short term additional capacity results in lower electricity prices. Paradoxically, lower electricity prices may require more subsidies to realize additional capacity.  
10 Oct 2017
It is with great pleasure Ecorys Polska announces the launch of its new website:, based on the template that is already in use in other Ecorys offices and adapted to the local needs.   The new website is most of all a communication platform that introduces services and presents a spectrum of projects of Ecorys Polska –to both the potential local public client as to international entities and private companies.       
03 Oct 2017
HTA (Health Technology Assessment) is defined as the evaluation of the properties and effects of health technology and is aimed to inform decision-making, including reimbursement decisions. The Ecorys study aims to 1) assess the level of comprehensiveness of 10 selected HTA practices around the globe and 2) formulate recommendations for enhancing legitimacy and fairness of related decision-making processes. For this purpose, an evaluation framework consisting of 13 criteria was developed.  
20 Sep 2017
Ecorys will investigate adaptations to the EU’s Visa Information System (VIS) to fight child trafficking and aid in addressing irregular migration.
15 Sep 2017
Kimberley van den Bergen, consultant at Ecorys, was one of the key-speakers at the symposium “Cross-border Healthcare in Europe: Promoting Patients’ Rights and Boosting Cooperation”, organised by Public Policy Exchange (PPE) in Brussels on 12 September 2017. At the symposium, Ecorys presented the recently published study on potential obstacles in the provision of cross-border health services. Ecorys also informed the attendees on the currently ongoing study on enhancing information provision to patients in cross-border health services.
14 Sep 2017
On behalf the European Commission, Ecorys will study the potential of the emerging energy technology Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES). Ecorys leads a consortium of organisations, which includes Fraunhofer IWES, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and the Polytechnic University of Milan. In light of the growing interest and investments in the AWES sector, the aim of the study is to provide policy guidance that will facilitate the most efficient and effective use of research and innovation investments for the development of the sector. 
13 Sep 2017
After insight and reduction, CO2 compensation is another step towards becoming a climate-neutral company. Ecorys has chosen to compensate its climate impact by financing the climate project ’Wind in Turkey’. Ecorys’ investment also contributes to the energy transition in Turkey.
02 Aug 2017
On 2 August new research of Ecorys and Lancaster University Management School finds increased commercial shipping in Arctic waters triggered by climate change, risking trillions of dollars in environmental costs over the next two centuries – with Africa and South Asia bearing the brunt.   Recent academic studies have shown that: