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15 Oct 2015
On 5 October 2015, Manon Janssen (Chair of the Top Sector Energy for the Netherlands & CEO Ecorys) signed the Dutch Knowledge and Innovation Contract for 2016 – 2017. The event took place in Delft, The Netherlands.  
23 Sep 2015
23 September 2015 - The Ecorys Framework Contracts Unit has just published the September 2015 edition of its newsletter.      Tweet
14 Sep 2015
14 September 2015 - EU releases Ecorys-RAND report on free movement of workers: challenges and opportunities at local level. The study was conducted by Ecorys and RAND for the European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. The study covered four cities: Frankfurt, Leeds, Milan and Rotterdam. The project started in July 2014 and was completed in March 2015.  
14 Aug 2015
14 August 2015 - Ecorys has been awarded a service contract by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to assist the Government of Mongolia in improving the capacity within the government to formulate (international) trade policy.  
10 Aug 2015
10 August 2015 - Ecorys contributed to the multicountry study on Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACSCs) in Latvia. The study was jointly financed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the World Health Organization.    
07 Aug 2015
7 August 2015 - Ecorys has been awarded a service contract by the Independent Development Evaluation Division (IDEV) of the African Development Bank to undertake country strategy and programme evaluations for South Africa and Nigeria. IDEV is undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of development results of the bank’s interventions covering the period 2004-2014. Nigeria and South Africa are the two largest recipients of AfDB funds during the evaluation period. Ecorys is proud that it has been selected to undertake these evaluations.
06 Aug 2015
6 August 2015 - Ecorys, in partnership with two Bangladeshi firms (PRI and PMTC), has been awarded a service contract by the World Bank in Washington to provide technical assistance to support the Government of Bangladesh in assessing and strengthening budget preparation. There has been a long history of development partner support to public financial management reform in Bangladesh. While the successes of these projects have been mixed, several activities to improve budget management have gained traction.
05 Aug 2015
5 August 2015 - Ecorys has been awarded to conduct a study on EU Microcredit Providers for the European Investment Bank (EIB) in collaboration with Planet Rating and MicroFinanza Rating (lead). The research takes place in Luxembourg and in EU28 Member States. The project started in July 2015 and is expected to end in July 2017.  
03 Aug 2015
3 August 2015 - Ecorys, in collaboration with IDEA Consult (lead), the Copenhagen Resource Institute, Oeko-Institut e.V., the Regional Environmental Center), and ACTeon has been awarded a service contract by the European Commission’s DG Environment to review the EcoAP in the light of the new policy environment i.e. the priorities of the new Commission, the Investment Plan for Europe and the on-going work on a new and more ambitious proposal for a transition towards an EU circular economy.