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22 Feb 2016
22 February 2016 - The study on ‘Health-related constraints to raising Retirement Ages in the EU’ has been published by the European Commission. The study was carried out by Ecorys on behalf of the European Commission and in cooperation with the Erasmus University.    
12 Feb 2016
9 February 2016 - The European Commission identified the European recreational boating services industry as an important industry for the realisation of the EU's Blue Growth agenda. This study provides a better insight in the structure of and developments in the recreational boating sector. At the same time the study includes an assessment of the main barriers which hinder the further growth and development of the industry. Specific attention is paid to the manufacturing industry and the services industry.
09 Feb 2016
PRESS RELEASE 8 February 2016 - Ecorys is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Davis (42) as Managing Director, Ecorys UK, as per 1 March 2016. Michael brings to Ecorys a unique blend of commercial experience, honed in start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises, combined with extensive experience of working with senior industry leaders and governments in the formulation of public policy across the UK.  
26 Jan 2016
26 January 2016 - Commissioned by the European Commission DG Research and Innovation, Ecorys in collaboration with Fraunhofer IWES will be researching the possibilities for the development of future renewable energy resources from the ocean (tidal and wave).    
22 Dec 2015
Ecorys (lead) in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the European Institute of Education and Social Policy (EIESP), KEA and the Institute of Education (IoE) has been awarded a 12 million Euro Framework Contract for the European Commission, DG Education & Culture in expertise and support for European Cooperation in Education, Training, Youth and Sport.
22 Dec 2015
22 December 2015 - On December 7, the European Commission (EC) had published their aviation strategy. In this strategy indicators for the European aviation policy are incorporated, for strengthening  the international competitive position, facilitating the industrial growth and increasing the  security.
21 Dec 2015
21 December 2015 - Ecorys (lead) has recently won the project ‘Technical Assistance for Provision of Career Services through Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Model’, in which the Thrace Regional Development Agency is the Beneficiary. The stakeholders of the project consist of  Organized Industrial Zones, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the regional directorates of Turkish Employment Agency. The project will be conducted in Thrace Region consisting of three provinces; Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ.
14 Dec 2015
14 December 2015 - Ecorys (lead) has been awarded the 20 million Euro framework contract ‘DG Research & Innovation - Studies in Support to Research and Innovation Policy in the areas of Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture and Storage and Clean Coal’, commissioned by the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation.
10 Dec 2015
10 December 2015 - Ecorys conducted a study on Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions in Kazakhstan commissioned by the World Health Organization. This publication presents findings and discusses policy recommendations on health conditions that could effectively be prevented, diagnosed, and treated in PHC settings in Kazakhstan.    
09 Dec 2015
Ecorys (lead) in collaboration with ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy development), ICCT (International Centre for Counter-terrorism), SIPR (Scottish Institute for Policing Research), VU (Free University Amsterdam, Institute for Criminology) has been awarded a 15 million Euro Framework Contract for the European Commission, DG Home Affairs and Migration on Impac